"The Little Visitor"

Framed 14" X 14"

"T - Bone"

Framed 28" X 14"

"​Family First"

Framed 30" X 36"

A free standing sculpture of a Buckskin and Dapple. This is a very unique piece set in "Austin Stone" using a stainless rod.

"Morning Fog Lifting"

Framed 24" X 22"

​​​Here are several new pieces Jay has created over the past few months. There are a number of unique new methods used in creating these works that have never been seen in the world of leather art.

Be sure to have a look at the other very unique creations shown here in exhibits 1 - 3

Jay would love to talk with you so give him a call or drop him a message here in the "Contact" area . If you would like a .jpeg image of a particular piece for evaluation he would be glad to send it along.

The leather artwork makes a great gift for collectors, holidays, birthdays or other special occasions. 

 Fine Leather Art by Jay Heinrich

Call for Pricing

Incomparable ... leather artwork created exclusively from fine leather for anyone seeking art that touches the soul and heart in a unique way.


"Wild in Colorado"

18" H  From Table Top

Base is 10" L X 8" W X 3" H