"In the Den"

Framed 14" X 16"

"Tom Cat"

"Watchful Mates"

Framed 25" X 25"

More examples of wildlife and Native American original art for collectors and enthusiasts. As noted, this is not an exhaustive sampling. Please check back as new leather artwork will be posted as they are available. Jay is conquering new techniques that significantly push the boundaries of leather art. Exciting new efforts are on the way!

"What's That"

Framed 18" X 22"

"The Power of the Shaman"

Framed 17" X 27"

"Winter Warmth"

Framed 16" X 20"

"She Cat"

Call for Pricing

Incomparable ... leather artwork created exclusively from fine leather for anyone seeking art that touches the soul and heart in a unique way.


 Fine Leather Art by Jay Heinrich