Framed 17" X 27"

"On Alert"

Framed 36" X 36"

Here are more examples of Jay's leather art for sale or as commissioned works. This is not an exhaustive view of completed pieces. Original art not shown includes Mountain Bighorn Sheep, "Mud Faced" Pawnee Warrior, Mountain Lion crawling over rocks and more. Feel free to give Jay a call and discuss art images that are of interest to you. Enjoy this fine art exhibit.

"Brothers in Kind"

Two Sided Free-Standing Sculpture

15" In Height Including Base

Mounted on Manzanita

 Fine Leather Art by Jay Heinrich


Unframed 14" X 16"

Incomparable ... leather artwork created exclusively from fine leather for anyone seeking art that touches the soul and heart in a unique way.


"Trusted Partner"

Framed 18" X 28"

Call for Pricing