Three-dimensional leather art is an uncommon and rare combination of art and sculpture that brings life to images carved and sculpted from a flat piece of leather.

Incomparable ... leather artwork created exclusively from fine leather for anyone seeking art that touches the soul and heart in a unique way.


 Fine Leather Art by Jay Heinrich

Three-dimensional fine leather art is rare, unique, uncommon and produces a combination of art and sculpture that brings life to one piece of flat leather. Leather replaces the traditional artist’s canvas as the time intensive long process begins . The process of transforming the flat image into a beautiful three-dimensional work of fine original artwork is long and tedious requiring multiple skills from the artist.

Here are some steps the artist follows in completing three-dimensional fine leather artwork:

  • A pristine piece of leather is selected.
  • An image is created and transferred to leather.
  • Specialized hand-tools are used to stretch and push the leather until it has been raised sufficiently to be workable.
  • To hold the shape the cavity created is filled with a mix of “leather dust” and rubber cement.
  • The figure’s muscle structure, eyes and features are worked into the leather creating an extraordinary three-dimensional, lifelike work of art.
  • A scalpel, special knives and tools, cut each hair, feather, antler or feature......a very time consuming process.
  • The three-dimensional portrait is then hand painted with artist quality acrylic paint to create the exquisite finished subject.

Because of the highly skilled and individual talents of the artist, each creation is an original artwork. Unlike sculptures and painted art, the artwork can never be duplicated. Therefore, each creation is one-of-a-kind, original and highly collectable. The collector can be sure there will never be a duplicate in another collection, anywhere.


This fine wildlife original artwork, other unique subjects and Native American images by Jay Heinrich can never be duplicated.