Fine Leather Art by Jay Heinrich

Incomparable ... leather artwork created exclusively from fine leather for anyone seeking art that touches the soul and heart in a unique way.


"It's Mine"

Framed 14" x 19"

"Mountain Monarch"

Framed 24" X 27"



Framed 12" X 16"

Here is a non-exhaustive sample of Jay's fine leather original art. New leather art is always in process so call Jay to find out what he is working on or to request something.

Jay would love to talk with you. If you would like a .jpeg image of a particular piece for evaluation we would be glad to send it along.

The leather artwork makes a great gift for collectors, holidays, birthdays or other special occasions.

"Don't Get Hooked"

16" X 12"

​"Gold from the Sky"

19" X 27"


Call for Pricing

"King of the Prairie"

Framed 26" X 19"

"High Up"

Framed 14" X 16"

"Mountain Top Monarch"

Framed 18" X 24"


Framed 16" X 19"